Cashless payments, and more

Menu orders, summaries and statistics, tailored specifically to schools.

Secure, by design

Security is crucial, that's why we built PupilPay using modern and secure technologies.

In the cloud, in an instant

Speed is vital, which is why we make sure we don't waste a single second when you're paying with PupilPay, every transaction gets put in the cloud immediately, where we store it securely.

Working, even when the internet isn't

We know availability is fundamental, which is why we built PupilPay, to work even offline, so there's no more "Sorry, the network's down again".

What's PupilPay?

PupilPay is an alternative payment method to replace cash, as well as a system tailored specifically to schools..

Order lunch anywhere, anytime

PupilPay is more than a payment method, students and parents can also order their school lunch through our system, even from the comfort of their home.

Understandable statistics

To keep you up-to-date, we'll send you summaries every week or month, to sum your past transaction up.

Parents and schools can also check statistics of how their balance changed, and compare the traffic of past weeks or months through our portal.

No age restrictions

We don't have an age limit, so even first graders can get a card, there's no need to wait to qualify, or stand in queue at a bank branch.

How much does it cost for students?

It costs nothing! PupilPay is completely free for students and parents after getting their cards.

How much does the card cost?

The cost of the card changes from school to school.

How do I get notified of transactions?

We send weekly and monthly summaries about your transactions, and optionally, you can enable top-up notifications, and you can also check the "Transactions" panel in the Portal.

Does PupilPay work offline?

Yes, if there's no network availability during a transaction, and the user has already paid in the school cafeteria, we add the transaction to a queue, which is processed as soon as the terminal can connect to the internet again.

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