Cashless payments are just the start

Online lunch orders, periodic summaries, e-receipts, and statistics, all tailored to schools. All on one platform.

Secure, by design

Security is crucial, that's why we built PupilPay using modern and secure technologies.

In the cloud, in an instant

Speed is vital, which is why we make sure we don't waste a single second when you're paying with PupilPay, every transaction gets put in the cloud immediately, where we store it securely.

Buh Bye long queues!

We can finally say goodbye to slow cafeteria lines, with PupilPay payments, topups and lunch requests take less than a second.

Automatic e-receipts

We know it's slow to have to deal with a register and a card terminal, that's exactly why we take care of that, and automatically create e-receipts.

What's PupilPay

PupilPay is an alternative payment method to replace cash, as well as a system tailored specifically to schools.

Understandable statistics

To keep you up to date, we'll send you periodic summaries every week or month, to sum your past transaction up.
Parents and schools can also check statistics of how their balance changed and compare the traffic of past weeks or months through our portal.

No age restrictions

We don't have an age limit, so even first graders can get a card, there's no need to wait to qualify, or stand in queue at a bank branch.

Order lunch anywhere, anytime

PupilPay is more than a payment method, students and parents can also order their school lunch through our system, even from the comfort of their home.

Don't need to worry about allergies

Our lunch order system automatically checks, if the ordered menu contains any allergies that the student is sensitive to and notifies the parent.

Say goodbye to long excel sheets

No need to print long excel sheets just to check who ordered what. One card tap and the next second you'll already know what the student ordered for lunch.

Frequently asked questions

How will I be notified of transactions?
You can decide between weekly and monthly Summaries. These sum up the transactions happened in the past week or month.
Can I use my PupilPay balance and card outside my school?
Since PupilPay is a "closed loop system", that means your balance is only usable in your school.
I'm a school or cafeteria and I'm sick of slow queues
If you're ready to switch or still have a few questions, you can get in touch with us at
I'm a developer, and I want to integrate PupilPay into my service/app.
If you have an idea that might include us, get in touch at

We won a special award at the 2021 FinTechShow!